With the main goal to ensure proper integration of the Roma children into the mainstream education system on all levels (pre-school, elementary school, secondary school and university), the intervention strategy has three pillars: a) to promote preschool and school enrolment of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children by direct involvement of parents and community groups, b) to further develop supplementary educational support (pre-school activities, after school classes, scholarships scheme) and c) to promote best practices and advocate for mainstreaming of those approaches and activities.


VoRAE launched National Scholarship Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The Program is supported by HEKS Foundation Swiss Cooperation Office, Roma Education Fund, Embassy of Britain in Pristina and Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo. 

For the School Year 2014/15, 500 Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Secondary School Students will be granted a scholarship in amount of 300 EUR.