Two agreements reached between VORAE and AKB

NGO VoRAE initially signed Understanding Agreements with the Kosovo Business Alliance AKB for Empowerment, Promotion and Support of Businesses with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Owners, as well as the Membership of 15 businesses with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian owners from municipalities: Pristina, Fushë Kosovë, Lipjan, Ferizaj, Shtime and Podujevë / Podujevo, and next year will be considered the possibility of expansion with the membership of businesses and other municipalities.

This cooperation agreement aims at empowering, promoting and supporting businesses with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian owners, as well as enhancing the level of mutual cooperation between them and providing the possibility of membership of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community businesses. This cooperation will also open up new business opportunities with the implementation of joint projects between VoRAE, AKB and community businesses.

AKB will provide these services as follows:

1) Certificate of membership in AKB;

2) Researching opportunities for applying grants, donations and subsidies;

3) Development and Promotion of Local Production, Commercial Businesses and Local Services as well as Investments;

4) Business Study Visit at home and abroad;

5) Connecting Local Businesses to Foreign Businesses;

6) Public Policy Advocacy;

7) Professional training in various fields of interest to the company.

8) Also the panellists who are organized by AKB.

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