Teachers Day 7 March

The Municipality of Shtime in honor of the 7th of March celebrate with ACKNOWLEDGMENT the Voice of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian organization for the contribution given to the teaching facilities of the elementary schools such as Lasgush Poradeci in Gjurkovc and Vojnovc.

These centers have for years contributed to Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian pupils for increasing the level of education, and increasing the quality of education in schools,

The Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian organizations, thanks the municipality of Shtime for the honor that has been made to you today on this holy day.


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International Women's Day, March 8

03/08/2018 17:00

Two-day visit to Roma, Ashkali and other vulnerable groups for their freedoms and equal rights.

Teachers Day 7 March

03/07/2018 13:26

The Municipality of Shtime has honored the 7th March of the teachers' feast to the Organization Voice of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian

Call for Application - Regional campaign “Most Roma Friendly Mayor”

03/02/2018 11:48

This is a regional campaign on active citizenship of Roma, in countries that are yet facing problems in Roma Inclusion. This campaign aims to increase the awareness and change attitudes toward Roma Inclusion, and to overcome the barriers that this process faces.

VoRAE Executive Director participates Roma and Ashkali Inclusion Seminar

02/21/2018 20:28

Today, 21st February 2018, the Office for Good Governance within the Prime Minister's Office in Cooperation with Office of the European Commission in Kosovo organized a Seminar on 'Roma and Ashkali Inclusion' Seminar.


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