Visits to the beneficiaries HOUSES

NGO "Voice of Roma Ashkali and Egyptians" has visited Ahmet Mziu's family, a beneficiary of the project for improvement of living conditions, in village of Medvec in Lipjan Municipality. This project is supported by HEKS & SDC.

The house of Ahmet Mziu in the pas has been constructed with very poor materials. The walls have been made of clay brick, the roof has been completely damaged and during the winter there have been leaks of water when snow and rain fall. According to them, the whole family has been endangered because of the poor conditions of the house they were living in. There was no running water inside the house and the difficulty for having a normal life was too hiigh. Just two weeks after the construction of the house finished Mr. Ahmet Mziu died.

Remzie Mziu, a 55 year-old widow, now living with her son and his family stressed that her husband died happy knowing that his family is safe now. Remzie's nephews were very happy and thankful to VoRAE NGO for the opportunity offered with the construction of the new bathroom as well as two rooms. On the other hand, Remzie's daughter in law claimed that for a long period of time she washed their kids in a basket outside the house and now a new bathroom is very important not only for their child's cleanliness but also for their health.

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Two Day Training on Mentoring Program MODULE II comes to end

05/14/2018 09:27

As part of the Educational Program, the VoRAE Organization has completed two days training for mentors who are engaged in the mentoring program with high school students.

Joint Declaration calls Institutions to Respect the Quota

05/02/2018 11:00

Political representatives of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians and civil society organizations working with these communities have signed a Joint Declaration on 30th April 2018, calling the governmental institutions at local and central level to respect the employment quota.

VoRAE signs a cooperation agreement with Fushe Kosove

04/05/2018 10:00

VoRAE and Fushe Kosove sign another cooperation agreement on inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians in this municipality through direct interventions on the improvement of living conditions through VoRAE's 'house up-grading' model.

Award ceremony: The friendliest Municipal Mayor with Roma community

03/29/2018 11:00

Mayor with Roma community in the Republic of Kosovo, was awarded.


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