A successful story about Reyhanen

Rejhane Krasniqi from the municipality of Obiliq, 7 years old, attends primary school in the elementary school "Dr. Ibrahim Rugova "in Obiliq.

Rejhanja, is part of the additional learning center in this school. She lives with the six-member family; mother, father, brother, and two sisters who are not attending school yet because they have not turned their age to school.

Parents are unemployed. Her father has the main burden of the family, he works on the arm to keep the family. Rejhanja, is a very quiet child, very committed to the duties of schooling. Rejhanja, both at the learning center and at the school, without hesitation, carries out all the tasks assigned to him. Rejhanja is very happy to be part of the school and the center. It is more fun to reveal her desires and dreams:

"I love school and I want to become a teacher when I grow up and teach other children," said Rejhanja.

Its inspiration is tutors and teachers at school so Rejhanja wants to help children grow. Homework and homework together with her companions performs at an additional learning center where she receives the support and support needed by tutors to achieve the highest results in school.

Rejhanja, is a good student in the subject of Albanian Language and almost all other subjects. In the center, it's as if the activities are not enough and they always ask for more. For her, her engagement and the results she has shown in school, she has also been rewarded by the Center for Additional Teaching, so her will and her motive for learning do not fall.

For her success speaks also the school director, Mrs. Shyhrete Gashi:

"Rejhanja, is an exemplary student. This is confirmed by her teaching as well. It is a pleasure for us to have pupils like Rejhanja in our school "- says the school director.

Parents of Reyhan because they have socio-economic problems, and can not follow each step of their daughter, but thank the Center for Additional Learning. Her father, whenever she brings Reyhanen to school, gets praise from tutors. A thank-you-hearted expression covers his face, for sometimes words are poor to express his pleasure and thanksgiving ...

For, Rejhanen, this is a good start. With the support of the Center for Additional Teaching, the unsparing support of the VoRAE NGO and following its success on the part of the teacher and the parents, Rejahnes's success will never be missed ...

Success Story from the Learning Center - Obiliq
Tutors: Besfort KURSHUMLIU, Earn BEKA
March, 2019


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