Rizah Haliti from Lipjan municipality is beneficiary of the 4800 Euro grant.

Rizah's family has 6 members, Mirushe Haliti's 67-year-old wife, 28-year-old Fehimu boy, 28-year-old son daughter Xhevrije Haliti, 6-year-old Liridona Haliti and 2 year old nephew Rizah Haliti.

Rizah has completed some classes from elementary school, and has no special craft but has had a good passion for music and with this profession he has picked up years of singing and playing with Violin in weddings and family parties. He still plays beautifully with Violin.

Rizah until after the war lived with his two sons and a complete 12-member family in a two-room house built with poor materials with Qerpiq, no bathroom and necessary space for sleeping and without kitchen and water inside.

During the war, the family did not leave the home, though home was small he has housed  dozen  Albanian families in his home. Now after building the house they have visited and wished for the new home.

Rizah with family is very comfortable with the members of Albanian community and they have very good relations or in his term ‘brotherhood’. After the war, the big boy was helped to build a house and now he is sheltered in good conditions.

Taking in consideration state of his home, Rizah has been choosen a beneficiary of a 42 m² two-room house, a bathroom and a front door which can be used also as summer kitchen. In the new home the family feels very comfortable and very happy. The family lives with the income of the parents' pensions. The boy works as a laborer in private companies from time to time when he can find work, or by collecting plastic and "cans".

The family of Mr. Rizah Halili thanks to NGO VoRAE, with donors HEKS, SDC as well as Lipjan municipality for a visit and feel most happy about building the house.



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