Daim Burgazi is a 9 years old Roma from the village of Priluzje in the Municipality of Vushtrri/Vucitrn. Daim is a primary school student and one of the beneficiaries of VoRAEs after-school program. Read his story here.

Daim Burgazi from village Prilluzha is 9 years old, and attends third grade in primary school “Vuk Karadzic”. His came with his family came as refugees from Slatina near Golesh in year 1999, and now lives in a rented house in Prilluzha. His family has four members, his mother, father and his sister. Daim brother is attending first year of high school, while his father works at Electrocorporation of Serbia, where he is obliged to go to city Obrenovac in Serbia, therefore his family miss him a lot. Daim is very happy for existence of learning center of home assistance, and he tells his father who comes home only on weekends and has no time to spent with his son, because he needs to rest from hard work. ‘I love school, and I wan to became teacher when I grow up’ - claims Daim.

His inspiration are tutors and teachers in the school therefore Daim wishes to become teacher and teach other children when he grows up. He finnishes homework in the center for home assistance with the assistance of tutors. Daim is very good at mathematics where he has managed to learn multiplication table. He is very social and has a lot of friends with who he goes to the school.

Large part of his friends are community members while he has friends from majority community whom he met at Summer Program which is organized by NGO Vorae in the education centers in Priluzha. A  lot of activities with children has been conducted in the center.

“I have met my friends in the education centers during summer program where we have played different games  all day long, and I can’t wait for the next summer program to play again with my friends” Daim is happy because there are people who help him and explain lessons but further more he likes playing with his friends.

His success before attending summer school was 2.8 and now at the end of first semester has increased to 3.57. His mother Florie Burgazi is very thankful for existence of the center because it has helped her children to be more active in completion of school assignments. “I would like to thank the center for home assistance because they have helped my children for completion of home assignments, and now they are better students. I visit the school regularly and they give me a lot of praise for Daim and claim that he is the best in the class, and I am aware that all the praise if due to the center. I don’t have many time to spent with Daim because I must do my housewife duties therefore I would like to thank the center for helping Daim to bring good grades.“

Daim has changed his behavior a lot and is more engaged in learning at school. His wish when he grows up is to complete the studies and to register with the education faculty so that he can give his contribution for communities but he is afraid because of economy status but his parent are confident that they will find means to help him to finish education. In the future they would not like to leave the village and they wish to build a modest house and to create good conditions for living because for nineteen years they are living in rented house but more than everything they wish for good health and economic conditions. 


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