Success Stories-Elfat Ademi

Elfat Ademi is a pupil in III grade, attending elementary school "Ismail Luma" in Lipjan. Elfat is 11, his family consists of five members, father, mother, and three sisters. His father works in the mole. Centers for additional lessons each year make eye-catching campaigns for enrollment of preschool and primary school children, and by these campaigns the tutors of the additional learning center at the Ismail Luma school in Lipjan have identified the student Elfat Ademi who did not attend the school. Elfat had been only a few days in the first grade and had stopped learning. Tutors have persuaded the student to continue his education and he started from the first grade where he is now in the third grade and with the help of the tutors of the learning center has managed to become an excellent student. We thank the tutors and are delighted with the work and success they have achieved with Elfat as they have persuaded him to continue his education and he is now a regular student at school and in the center. He likes reading and commenting.


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