Human Rights

Human Rights: The Kosovo Government has finalized and approved the Strategy for Roma and Ashkali inclusion 2017-2021, which is going to emphasize local government institutions and seek their active involvement in developing Local Action Plans (LAPs) and in implementing the Strategy. The Project offers technical support and enhances capacities for definition and approval of Local Action Plans as part of the new Strategy for Inclusion of Roma and Ashkali communities (2017-2021). 

An important component, whose impact and value has been proven time and again by actors working with Roma in Europe, is the participation of the Roma community (in our case Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians) in processes meant to improve their living conditions at local level. Therefore, the project aims at fostering a constructive dialogue between local authorities and Roma communities, and at thereby empowering Roma representatives to influence and monitor the social inclusion process at local level. In turn, the participation of Roma in the design and implementation of Local Action Plans (LAPs) will prove the value of participating as active citizens and empower them to influence the local decision-making process sustainably, even after the projects’ lifespan. 

Between 2013 and 2017, the Project has played an active role in the area of migration among Roma families and individuals providing information, technical support and assistance to repatriated individuals and families from Western European countries. This role has been appreciated by direct beneficiaries and municipal officials alike, as there is no other similar service being provided to this category of people in Kosovo. Service was provided to more than 1,411 repatriated individuals/ families. This activity has significantly improved the access of these families/individuals to public institutions, specifically the municipal offices for communities and helped expedite the municipal procedures for provision of humanitarian and other assistance these families have been entitled to.

In addition to this, the project worked on raising awareness among these families on the risks of migration, in close cooperation with the Ministry for European Integration, the Kosovo Police and local Offices for Communities and Return.


Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians are often victims of racial and social discrimination without equal access to education, employment, housing and other services. Our projects target specifically those challenges.


The intervention aims to reduce the educational achievement gap through the provision of after-school support, scholarships, mentoring and tutoring and with inclusion of parents in education of their children. Project also aims to institutionalize the good models of intervention


The intervention aims to improve the living conditions and living standards by ensuring access to water and sanitation and access to functional bathroom with hot and running water through a dweller driven house up-grading model of approach.


Through vocational and professional education, the intervention aims to build capacities of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians so they can be more competitive in the labor market. In addition, it also aims to reaching equal access to employment opportunities

Human Rights

The intervention aims to ensure that Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians are fully aware of their rights and opportunities and make use of those and that the institutions have installed affirmative actions in order to overcome the poor socio-economic situation of these communities


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