Xheneta Ademi, a 10 years old Ashkali girl, who studies at our Education Center in Lipjan. There, she found her writing talent and learnt of her wishes. With her good grades, she is on a good way to become a medical practitioner one day. Read more of her story here.

Xheneta is a pupil of IV grade of the Primary School "Ismail Luma" in Lipljan.

Xhenetas family counts four children and two parents, and all four children of Ademi family attend the Educational Center. Xheneta regularly attends the center from the I-grade, and is regular in both the school and the center.

Xheneta does not have great support from the parent because her father works only part time, and her mother is not qualified and has no adequate level of education to help them achieve the results at school.

In the first grade, Xheneta did not have a great desire for education, and her results were not the best, but during the year, regular attendance at the center she became one of the best and most successful students.

- "Xheneta is one of the students who has achieved to increase her success over all the annual assessments and achievements of school success," said the teachers. Emrane Krasnici.

Her success in the first quarter of the school year 2017/2018 was improved by 2.9 GPA in the first quarter to 3.5 GPA in the first half.

She has shown good results in all subjects, but she has a special preference for language courses as well as poetry. She is aslso very talented in writing essays, which are well-written, readily and with many good themes and events. She writes excellent educational messages about culture, the world and nature.

Xheneta has shown great interest in education, has the desire to study medicine and work as a physician in her hometown Lipljan so that she can come to the aid of people and people in need.


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