Albert Kurta 18 years old from Plementin of Obiliq Municipality

Albert Kurta from Plemetin village is 18 years old and he is a senior (fourth year) high school student in Plemetin of Obiliq Municipality.

His father as well as his mother are unemployed and are forced to survive by alternative private jobs. Alberti also lives with his two sisters, grandfather and grandmother. Albert’s sisters attend the primary school.

Alberti, in addition to attending high school economics, also has the talent for music. He performs the best music with piano improvisation. He then after school classes goes and makes music to help parents with the expenses for the entire family. His GPA at school is 3.17, but Alberti does not like it so much and plans to increase the average by the end of the year as it is the final year. The reason why Alberti plans to increase the success of the average is that he plans to enroll at the Law Faculty in Mitrovica.

Alberti's father, Bashkimi shows that he is very happy about the Alberti’s plans and he adds "Alberti has good life goals."

Also his mother Bajramsha is more than happy with her son and shows her pride. Alberti from the school year 2014/2015 is a regular scholarship beneficiary. This school year 2017/2018, besides being a scholarship beneficiary, is also involved in the Mentoring program implemented by Ojq-VoRAE exactly in the education department. Only the fact that Alberti is engaged in the preschool in Plemetin in the Ambrelle of Ojq-BalkanSunFlowers shows that Aberti is very active.

Alberti is also a tutor in the center and shows that she is delighted to help the children of the Roma community as they helped others when he was a child.

Albert's dream is to become one of the intellectuals from the Roma community and to continue life-long activities by helping the community.


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