Armend Shala 20 years old from the municipality of Fushë Kosovë, student of the University of Prishtina, Journalism faculty - the first academic year, where he recently completed secondary school for logistics

He lives with his father, his sister's mother, and two brothers who still attend school.

Armend's father by profession is an accountant and a mother-in-law. Armend's mother has also been a trainer for sewing and engaged in various activities for awareness of women's rights and employment.

From the 3 months internship he started at HANDIKOS, he is currently employed as a regular employee at that position in the position of the Logistics Driver.

"I wish to thank VoRAE for the opportunity I was offered  and I was one of the candidates for practical work, where I was fully committed to my duties and responsibilities, and I got a regular job."

He stressed that he was never discriminated and that he was treated very well and with great care since the beginning of practical work in the early days he was considered accountable and appreciated for the practical work that he made as a fitter of chairs for people with disabilities.

You change your dreams and follow them - it was one of the motivating words for calling young people from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities calling on them to work voluntarily because one day you will be rewarded with the same job as you rewarded from practical work to regular work.

VoRAE NGO thanks HANDIKOS for co-operation and congratulates Armend Shala for his new job. he practical work program is supported by the HDI donor and implemented by the VoRAE NGO.


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