Fetanete Gerbani 19 years old from the municipality of Prizeren

Fetanete Gerbani is an activist at the Romas Versitas Kosovo student center and has participated in all the activities of this center where she has been able to understand the cooperation with the parties as well as other social groups.

During the many meetings held with students of that center was notified to different people and you were offered 1 year employment opportunity as tutor in the "Hazis Tola" primary school in Prizren this work offered by Nevo Concept.

She has graduated from the secondary economic school  and is currently a student at the Faculty of Economics Business Administration “Ukshin Hoti “ at "University of Prizren".

During the studies, she did not have much trouble because due to the organization she had easy time  to continue studying.

Fetanete lives with family that has five members and she is the third child in the family. Her  father is farming while mother is housewife.

From the practical work offered by the VoRAE employment program, which was one of the beneficiaries of the Practical Work Program, and from the position applied as a Clerk at the ABI Center shopping mall, has helped her to learn about consumer behavior, enterprise rules, respecting the working hours, which have been extremely useful to her, has also created a new society and now it has very good collegial and social relations.

She cites: The practical work I completed at the Abi Center and I then got my job as a regular, made me feel very appreciated since I managed to gain confidence in the company and offered me to exercise it even further. As you can understand, it's a difficult job to be a housekeeper because you have to make money and I'm new to that position I managed to get out of order and this was a very good feeling for me.

At first it was a bit difficult to get involved in this task because I did not know anything about the rules of work, but after learning the rules of work as the basis of work everything went far easier.

I have a message for young people to get involved as much as possible in different organizations because the more we learn different things the more we have the open doors and forgive, the VoRAE organization I have managed to be in regular work where I am very grateful and #ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

NGO VoRAE thanks Fetaneten as a good example and now it has become a model role for its generations and for the whole society in general.

The Employment Program within the VoRAE NGO is supported by the #HDI Helsinki Deaconess Institute, the Equally Engaged Project and implemented by #VoRAE.



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