Ismet Mustafa from Lipjan,

Ismet Mustafa lives in Lipljan. His family is 8 members. He lives with his wife and 4 children. His brother, Nysret, lives in a house next to Ismet but is covered with a roof. Nysret lives with his wife and 7 children. Due to the difficult economic conditions, most children have not completed their education.

During our visit with the members of the commission from the Municipality of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje, we found family in an unsuitable conditions for living. The common roof of the two houses was very damaged. From even the slightest rainfall he leaked too much, which made it difficult for the two families to live in. All the time, family members had to put buckets in the corridor rooms due to dripping water from the roof. Also the walls have gained moisture.

The commission has estimated that these two families should be supported by roof renovation. Since the roof is common, the commission has decided to support the two families with 1500 euros. Works to support this family started on 23.04.2018.

During frequent meetings with Ismet and Nysret's families, they have repeatedly pointed out that before they were selected as a beneficiary of the housing program, their real life has been difficult. The family is very pleased and grateful to be a beneficiary of the housing program because now they have the roof that is no longer available, and the families are not obliged to hold the couch on the couch, they have no moisture. With remaining financial means we have decided to fix the floor space which was just plain concrete. Their lifestyle has changed for the better.

Now that housing conditions have improved, families express the desire to employ someone from the family to have a sufficient monthly income.

Nonetheless, families are very thankful to the NGO "VORAE" and its donors.


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