Mehmeti family from Lipjan Municipality benefiting from the Annex of the house 3.500 Euro

The Mehmeti family are happy that their lives have changed and they are living the days of their lives with love.

Mehmeti family consisting of 6 members: Besnik Mehmeti 30 years old, unemployed, Shukrije Mehmeti 30 years old, unemployed girls Feride 7 years old students, Anita 6 years preschool and Shkurta 4 years old. Recently, a new member has been added to their family, the newborn son Besmiri.

This family has long lived in a family community with about 11 members in one house, living conditions in that house have been very difficult as well and their privacy has not been free. In the old house where this family lived there were not even minimal conditions for their basic needs such as: functional hygienic bathrooms, kitchens and bedding.

From the interview we had with the lady of the house Shukrije Mehmeti she tells how difficult it was for them to live in a house where there were about 11 members, all of them adults. There was a lot of moisture in that house and from those difficult conditions even now her children have health problems.

In our question about how and who helps with medications for children with bronchitis, she says they are assisted by several humanitarian associations. But under the current conditions in the new home there will certainly be a rapid improvement in their health.

From the question of what makes you most happy in the new home.? She said my "PRIVACY" with my husband and children also she quote
"I ask mothers and wives to have primary care hygiene because hygiene plays a very important role in their lives and health and our tone if you do not enjoy good health you have no dawn."

Now this family enjoys their home with functional baths for a good life and suitable living conditions.

This project is funded by # SDC / HEKS and implemented by NGO VoRAE


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