Selatin Bnaushi Medvec Municipality of Lipjan

Selatin Banushi lives in the village Medvec, Lipjan Municipality.

He lives with his wife and four children. The family lives in a very old house build with clay. Their life is at risk every moment from the collapse of the home. Home conditions are very bad and uninhabitable for the family in question. The housekeeper, Selatin, is one of the many workers who, while working hard, has managed to raise money and start building the home. With the money collected, Selatin has managed to finish the foundations, walls and a part of the roof.

Housing Department officials and members of the commission from the Municipality of Lipjan, during the on-site visit, estimated that the family of Selatin Berisha did not live at all in conditions suitable for living a normal life. Bearing in mind that Selatin has shown great will and as much opportunities as it has been, has begun building a home, the Commission has decided to support this family with 3500 euros and help with the completion of the home.

VORAE and Lipjan Municipality have helped this house to be completed with the roof, the plastering of the walls from the inside, the doors and the windows, and the complete bathroom.

Selatin and his family say they are eager to finish building the house and leave the house where they live, fearing to collapse at every minute. The family is also vulnerable to an illness because it often has a rodent.

This family does not get social help because it has adult children. The big girl and son are capable of working and, if given the chance, would work to ensure a better living. The boy when he is offered can do physical work with his father, while the daughter can do hand-made nitting.

Selatin and his family are very thankful to VORAE and its donors for improving basic living conditions. Upon completion of the works, they will be transferred to the new home and will definitely make a better living than where they had in the house built with clay.


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