Sinan Garipi is a 14-year-old Roma boy from Janjevo

Sinan Garipi is a 14-year-old Roma boy from Janjevo, lives with his mother and father, and has two brothers and one sister who are older than him and they live abroad. Sinan attends the 8th grade of the Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Janjevo.

Janjevo is a small village under the municipality of Lipljan, this is a multi-ethnic village where Roma, Albanians, Goranci and Croats live together. Janjevo is a village known for its trade, because most of the people of Janjevo are engaged in trade or they used to. However, regardless of nationality, they all have a in common, even a school, an one object of two schools.

Sinan loves this school because he grew up here and got a lot of friends, Albanians, Gorani and Croats, they go together in school and an educational center integrated into the school. Sinan likes to play with his peers, he adores sport and his favorite sports are football and basketball, but he can hardly wait for a good time when he can go out with his friends to play.

Sinan does his schoolwork in the educational center, such as the homework and exercising and restoring lessons with the help of a tutor. The center has been open since 2013, Sinan was then the fourth grade and since then he has been a regular student in the center. The center has helped him a lot to accomplish his tasks, because Sinan says that his parents did not complete the elementary school, so they cannot help him much, while his brothers and sisters are not here.

His father is a physical worker working for a daily allowance, because, as Janjevo pointed out, it was a place where most people were working with trade while now there is a minority doing this business. And his father has no conditions or resources, so he must somehow make money for his family.

Sinan during the school year 2017/18 drastically improved his grades in relation to the first trimester, while in the first trimester, Sinan had a grade of 2.8, while for next three months he improved his grade to 3.43 in the first half of school year, which shows good success and will for school.

Sinan finishes his primary education this year, and still does not know which school he wants to enroll. According to him, "I do not know which school I will enroll, it is still early and i have a time to think about it”. My brothers invites me to go to their places in Germany, but I cannot, i love the school and I cannot leave my parents by themselves here.


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