The family of Sebastian Emini is one of the beneficiary families of the project Improvement of housing conditions for 2018.

The Emini family previously lived in family reunions, more than ten members with one home. They have lived in very difficult conditions where they also show that she did not survive, considering that all her brothers were married and children. He has three brothers, mother and father.

In that house there were no minimum conditions for the privacy of their marriage. As his wife and his realities point out, the conditions have been difficult, as everyone has been forced to sleep in a room, in some cases even in the old home corridors.

Today they own their home thanks to VoRAE, HEKS / SDC and Lipjan Municipality for building their home. Sebastian's family feel most thankful.

Sebastain Emin's wife is very happy because finally she will have a room for her children, the bathroom and the kitchen where she will prepare her food for her children and her husband who is constantly working to secure her family's income. They have two children a 6 year old girl and a 13 year old boy, who are attending primary school classes with good success.

The Emini family feels blessed and congratulates their good luck to accompany all families in need and with socio-economic conditions.


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