Benefiting households for house renovation in Lipjan are visiting

The program "Improving the living conditions and housing of marginalized groups with a special focus on Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities" is being implemented in the municipality of Lipjan for 2019.

The municipality of Lipjan has participated with financial means together with the organization "VoRAE" to enable families a better life and access to warm water in their homes knowing the economic needs and conditions faced by these three communities in Kosovo.

Unlike other years this year, 16 families were supported in different categories, such as the extension of residential areas of 60m2, 42m2, 27m2, the construction of bathrooms and the renovation of the roofs.

During the visit of some of the families and conversations with them, they said that their home was built with poor materials and this has conditioned their livelihood / life. During the winter season, these families have been faced with moisture, lack of warm water inside the home, their health has been very bad and that most children have suffered. They are faced with deep cooling and that their mothers have spent most of their time at the doctor.

Families that are usually supported are beneficiaries of social schemes and these incomes have not allowed them to intervene in improving housing conditions.

Project implementation has started at the end of April and is now in the finalization phase. It is apparent that all works will be completed by the end of July

Families feel grateful to #VoRAE # SDC / HEKS and Lipjan municipality for the opportunity offered.

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