Benjamin Bajram practitioner who has succeeded by Internship

The Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian NGO took the initiative to send some young people from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities to one (1) week in Gërmia Park camp organized by NGO "TOKA".

Benjamin Bajrami, a young man from Ferizaj / Uroševac municipality, although very young at age, managed to be part of the camps organized by the TOE during 2017.

The experience gained, the friendships gained, the various lessons, motivated Benjamin not only to be part of the camp until the end, but at the same time, motivated him to continue cooperating further as part of the group all the time.

The contribution given by Benjamin reflects so much that now NGO "TOKA" has declared the 18 year old from Ferizaj supervolunteer, whereas he will also be the leader in the camps that will be organized from July 1 to July 7th on the theme: Survival in Nature.

Future plans by young Benjamin Bajrami do not stop there, he plans to continue bachelor studies in public administration management in the future to be a real example of his community.

This program is supported by #HDI and implemented by NGO Vorae Ngo Kosovo.

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Visit by donors HEKS

09/13/2018 11:00

Project activities are monitored by projects implemented by VoRAE and funded by HEKS

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08/17/2018 15:00

During 2018, VoRAE, respectively Housing Program, has managed to sign cooperation agreements with four municipalities to support Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in terms of housing.

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Rizah Haliti from Lipjan municipality is beneficiary of the 4800 Euro grant.

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Rizah's family has 6 members, Mirushe Haliti's 67-year-old wife, 28-year-old Fehimu boy, 28-year-old son daughter Xhevrije Haliti, 6-year-old Liridona Haliti and 2 year old nephew Rizah Haliti.


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