Ceremony of EU Award for Roma Integration

Last night, in Brussels, awards were awarded for unknown heroines at the prize ceremony for Roma Integration.
This year these awards are dedicated to Roma women activists and women in the Western Balkans and Turkey. In this case, Kosovo is represented with the first two countries that have contributed consistently to the rise of the role of Roma women in the society where we live. #UNKNOWNHEROES or Unknown Heroine who has won the first place is:

Shpresa Agushi, who was honored with the award for her contribution in combating and preventing violence against women, while Kendiza Lala was honored with the second prize for her hard and voluntary work with the children of communities.

Also during the Soraya Post ceremony, the MP of Roma origin in the European Parliament was honored with gratitude for her contribution to the advancement of the Roma community's position in the homelessness and the position of the Roma women in particular.

We wish this to be a good example for all young people, especially the news of these communities, to continuously contribute to their community and to engage in volunteer activities because their work can be rewarded in the future.

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