Do you speak German? If yes ... Apply for work at the Call Center in Pristina via e-mail at: s.ibishi@vorae.org

The company offers:

- Modern and motivating environment for work
- High salaries

Interested candidates must meet the following conditions:

-There are good knowledge of German language
-The CENTER Job Experience offers advantages
- They have communicative skills
- Basic computer skills

The competition is open to young people from the ages (18) of the age of ten and older, including students who are in the last year of high school (high school), as well as students / public and private universities from all directions , in Kosovo.

Those interested are preferred to apply to their home municipality.

Deadline for application: 23 April 2019, time: 16:30

All young people interested in the application should send the following documents to the email: s.ibishi@vorae.org:
• CV;
• Motivational letter

Good luck.

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