Final Inspection of Construction and Renovation Houses

NGO VoRAE together with the members of the inspection commission from Lipjan municipality carried out the final inspection of completed works of construction and renovation of homes for families from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities from Lipjan municipality.

NGO -VoRAE in cooperation with the Municipality of Lipjan in its own program for Improvement of living conditions for communities have completed works on construction and renovation of 14 homes of benefiting families, while 3 other houses are under construction in the village Gadime. In total this year 17 families from this municipality are supposed to be supported.

The Mayor Mr. Imri Ahmeti visited Mr. Selatin Berisha's family and congratulated family members for the new home. He was grateful for the good cooperation with the VoRAE NGO and found that this cooperation would continue in the future, as well as promised to increase the means for improving the housing conditions of the committees.


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