Joint Declaration calls Institutions to Respect the Quota

On 30 April, a Joint Declaration was signed between representatives of political parties from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities as well as civil society organizations.

Several meetings have been held regarding this initiative, initiated by the Voice of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian in cooperation with other civil society organizations and representatives of the political parties for the supporting of this call for signing the joint statement in order to respect the Legal Framework for the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities Quotas, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo Article 61/62 continuing with the Civil Service Law No. 03 / L-149 Art. 11, and Labor Law No.03 / L-212, and Regulation No. 04/2010 on Fair and Proportional Representation of Non-majority Communities.

This initiative calls for institutions to respect the legal framework for the employment of minority communities in governmental institutions, but also lays down the principles of future cooperation between the signatories in relation to further advocacy efforts for better inclusion of these communities through employment.


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