Mentoring Program

NGO VoRAE organized the Mentoring Program session for the 2019/2020 school year held at Hotel SIRIUS.

Attendees were high school mentors from a significant number of all cities in the Republic of Kosovo who are engaged to students of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the Mentoring Program.

Also present were Executive Director of the NGO VoRAE Mr. Mr. Isaac Skender and the Education Program Coordinator Orhan Butic.

In his speech Mr. Isaac Skenderi presented the purpose of the Mentoring and Session Program for which it was being developed, as well as the importance of supporting students from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities and the challenges these children are going through in their education, seeking attention in the way of the mentoring program process and management as a primary issue.

Mr. Orhan Butic presented: Scholarship Program, Mentoring and Tutoring Component, and the importance of achieving project objectives in the field of education, and career orientation.

z. Afrim Osmani has presented reporting forms, and has signed mentor contracts and job description assignments.

Attending this session were approximately 74 mentors from 17 municipalities in a total of 31 upper secondary schools.

Mentor exchange of experience, challenges in implementing the mentoring program, student selection have been key topics of this session where we have received many inputs and recommendations from the open discussion.

We congratulate the mentors on their hard work and wish them further success in their hard work.

This program is supported by donors #REF, # REF / EU, # REF / MEST and #GIZ, and implemented by NGO VoRAE.

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