People's Advocate Visit to VoRAE NGO

The meeting was held at VoRAE NGO offices where Mr. Skenderi presented the Human Rights Program and different activities that were conducted jointly with officials of the People's Advocate Office and at the same time thanked him for his engagement and for good co-operation.

Also during this meeting, the director of the VoRAE NGO discussed and informed delegation on cases of human rights violations and discrimination against the communities, in particular in regard to resettlement section, as well as the discrimination in employment, also denying them the quota determined by law.

The Ombudsperson Institution headed by Mr. Hilmi Jashari has congratulated the VoRAE NGO and the team for the excellent work regarding legal actions and professionalism in the field of law. After this meeting we came up with some recommendations such as:

Writing of a letter to the Minister of Education for putting in place of the Administrative Instruction for the Learning Centers, to send a letter to all institutions by the OI for respecting the quota of the workplaces referring to the law which provides, as well

Ensure and respect the use of Roma language in the institution of the Municipality of Gracanica.

After this meeting, IAP officials together with the director of the VoRAE NGO visited some of the cases in the field where they subsequently agreed on further cooperation in the field of the Rights of Communities: Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian.

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