VoRAE launches the campaign "Education is the Future"

Campaign "Education is the Future" is being implemented in 19 locations of additional learning centers where the first phase of activities is completed to continue the second phase of activities that will be held during the last week of August.

The Campaign 'Education is the Future' at the first stage managed to knock on the door of almost  each family and urge all parents to register their children in preschool and first class education or even to continuing of schooling.

Within the campaign, many activities were carried out in order to raise the awareness of the communities about the importance of children's education and also have brought a positive spirit, so that children through the offered messages, start wanting to get educated.

The campaign has great support from everyone, and we would like to thank communities, neighborhoods, parents, schools, teachers and all other volunteers who participated.

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07/17/2019 15:00

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07/17/2019 13:00

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