Employability, employment and income: The Project Consortium members have facilitated access to professional / vocational education, exercised job mediation and advocacy for employment of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians in the public sector, with the aim to provide better access to the labour market, in particular to young people. In this regard, more than 194 job positions for young members of these communities have been mediated with public and private institutions. Parallel to this, 234 young individuals have completed professional training, thereby increasing their employability, and 73 families have profited from a micro-credit and small grants system, which has allowed them to develop their own small business. 



Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians are often victims of racial and social discrimination without equal access to education, employment, housing and other services. Our projects target specifically those challenges.


The intervention aims to reduce the educational achievement gap through the provision of after-school support, scholarships, mentoring and tutoring and with inclusion of parents in education of their children. Project also aims to institutionalize the good models of intervention


The intervention aims to improve the living conditions and living standards by ensuring access to water and sanitation and access to functional bathroom with hot and running water through a dweller driven house up-grading model of approach.


Through vocational and professional education, the intervention aims to build capacities of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians so they can be more competitive in the labor market. In addition, it also aims to reaching equal access to employment opportunities

Human Rights

The intervention aims to ensure that Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians are fully aware of their rights and opportunities and make use of those and that the institutions have installed affirmative actions in order to overcome the poor socio-economic situation of these communities


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